April 2015 Team Meeting Recap

Wow!  If you weren’t at our April Team Meeting, you missed out on some serious fun!  Our guest, speaker, David Finnern of the California Wreck Divers Association was not only informative, but hilarious as well!  Learned a lot about wreck diving, and opportunities to see them, from him.  Here’s a recap for those of you who couldn’t make it out.

  • April Beach Dive – April 26th, El Matador
    • Post-meeting
  • May Look Ahead
    • Beach Dive – May 24th
      • Team votes for Nicholas Canyon
    • Boat Dive – May 30th
      • Oil Rigs
  • Team Surf Furs
    • Last opportunity to get on the list for this year
  • Oct 9 – 11 Charter of the Sand Dollar
    • 18 signed up to date
    • Don’t miss out
  • Dive of the Month – March 2015
    • 5 Divers in the Running – Deanna D., Omar D., Jim R., Jackie W., Todd W.
    • Jim wins the drawing
      • All get points towards Diver of the Year
  • Raffle
    • 1st Prize – Deanna D.
    • 2nd Prize – Jay Fischer
    • 3rd Prize – Jim Rider
  • Guest Speaker – David Finnern, California Wreck Divers Association
    • David gave a very entertaining talk on diving wrecks on the West Coast.  From diving the Winfield Scott off Anacapa, to Indian canoes in the lakes of Idaho, he covered a lot of ground. Great information on wreck diving in places that you wouldn’t think of, and the types of wrecks you don’t think of either (anybody every dive a sunken train?).  Had a great time, and he signed copies of his books after.  Great presentation!

Was great seeing those of you who could make it out.  And look forward to seeing all of you soon, hopefully while diving!

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March 2015 Team Meeting Recap

Great turn out for our last Team Meeting!  Was awesome to see all of you there.  If you didn’t make it out, here’s what you missed…

  • March Boat Dive Recap
    • Spectre to Anacapa
    • Three divers made it out with our OW Class:  Matt B., Jim R., Laz S.
  • March Beach Dive Recap
    • Leo Carrillo
    • Five divers made it out:  Deanna D., Omar D., Errol G., Todd W., Jackie W.
  • April Look Ahead
    • Beach Dive:  April 26th, El Matador (by popular vote)
  • Team Surf Furs
    • We’re going to make another run
    • Contact Mike to get yours!
  • Dive Travel
    • Sand Dollar Three Day Charter – Oct 9 – 11
    • 16 divers signed up so far – get your spot while they’re avaialbe!
  • New Team Members
    • Welcome Omar D., Errol G., Steve C., Megan S., Todd & Jackie W.
  • Diver of the Month
    • Drawing between Doak S. and Laz S.
    • Doak is our Diver of the Month!
  • Raffle
    • 1st Prize:  John West
    • 2nd Prize:  Jackie Williams
    • 3rd Prize:  Vincent Acquistapace
  • Guest Speaker – Scott Gietler
    • Owner of Blue Water Photo
    • Presentation on getting started with Underwater Photography – gear, tips, and tricks

Again, was great seeing all of you, and hope to see you at El Matador in April!

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February 2015 Team Meeting Recap

Holy cow, folks!  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.  Been a little busy, but I’m getting better at prioritizing, so stay tuned.

Anyway, was great to see all of you who made it out to our February Team Meeting!  We are growing pretty fast these days – check out the slides for new members since November, 2014.  And we even had a couple more join us at this meeting, so a big “Welcome” to all our new Team Members!  Of course, we covered Team business, upcoming dive plans, announced another run of the Team Surf-Furs, and had a presentation on Fish ID from yours truly.  And, to wrap it all up, had a contest to see who could ID the most fish, with the winner getting a prize.  All-in-all, a pretty fun meeting.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed…

download the presentation

  • February Boat Dive Recap
    • Catalina Marine Park
    • In conjunction with Reef Check survey and Open Water Class
    • Five divers made it out
  • February Beach Dive Recap
    • Las Tunas (planned) moved to Topanga South due to rocky entry
    • Eight divers, plus five guest, made it out
  • March Look Ahead
    • Boat Dive – Mar 21st aboard the Spectre
    • Beach Dive – Mar 22nd at Leo Carrillo
  • Team Surf-Fur
    • Place your order now
    • Looking at May delivery
  • Dive Travel – 3 Day Liveaboard on the Sand Dollar
    • Oct 9 – 11, 2015
    • Only 10 spots remain – get yours now
  • New Team Members
    • Welcoming 9 new Team Members since November, 2014!
  • Diver of the Month – January 2015
    • Two Events, 3 Divers made it to both
      • Vince A., Kevin A., Laz S.
    • Laz wins the drawing
  • Raffle Time
  • Fish ID Presentation and Quiz
    • Presented on Fish ID for common species in SoCal
    • Quiz Results – Kellen T. and Laz S. get 14 correct each
    • Kellen wins the drawing for prize

Again, was great seeing all of you, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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April 2014 Team Meeting Recap

It was really great to see everyone again at our April Team Meeting!  New members, visitors, and veterans alike showed up for a great time talking diving, getting an update on Team happenings, and getting a great presentation from our guest speaker, Chris Goldblatt of the Fish Reef Project.  For those of you who couldn’t make it out, here’s what you missed…

download the presentation

  • April Boat Dive Recap
    • Charter of the Conception out of Santa Barbara
    • Diving at Santa Cruz (San Miguel blown out)
    • 13 Team Divers made it out:  Sam B., Ann B., Andrea and Doug E., Jay F., Nick M., Lois R., Jim R., Mike S., Ron S., Doak S., Kellen T., John W.
  • April Beach Dive Recap
    • Spring Cookout at Leo Carrillo
    • Challenging surf conditions – build up during the dive
  • May Look Ahead:
    • Boat Dive:  May 4th, Oil Rigs
    • Beach Dive:  May 17th, El Matador
    • Chamber Day (support the recompression chamber at Catalina):  May 7th
    • Team Meeting:  May 28th
  • Long Look Ahead:
  • Team Surf Furs
    • First run ordered!
  • Team Shirts
    • New styles ordered, delivered Apr 30th
  • Diver of the Month
    • Feb Recount – Still goes to John W.!
    • Mar – Doug E.
    • Congratulations to our Divers!
  • Raffle
    • 3rd Prize – Brian F.
    • 2nd Prize – Jim W.
    • 1st Prize – Mike S.
  • Guest Speaker – Chris Goldblatt
    • Fish Reef Project
    • Chris is working to establish artificial reef systems in Southern California and Hawaii.  The project uses specially engineered “reef balls” to create artificial reefs that are balanced in their ability to support kelp and fish species.  Check out the website, and see what you can do to help and get involved.

Again, it was great to see all of you again.  Looking forward to diving with you soon!

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March 2014 Team Meeting Recap

Good to see everyone again!  Things have been hectic getting the shop rolling again, but it is always rewarding to see you all to remind me why we do this.  For those of you who couldn’t make it out, here’s what you missed…

download the presentation

  • Feb Boat Dive Recap
    • Spectre to Anacapa
    • Four divers made it out:  Bob C., Brian F., Kellen T., John W.
  • Feb Beach Dive Recap
    • Gaviota State Beach
      • Don’t dive here at low tide! Haha!
    • Five divers made it out:  Natalee O., Jim R., Mike S., Kellen T., John W.
  • Mar Beach Dive Recap
    • Leo Carrillo State Beach
      • Supposed to be Deer Creek – sand is gone!
    • Four divers made it out:  Kevin A., Jorge C., Mike S., Jown W.
      • Several guest divers
  • Mar Boat Dive Recap
    • Oil Rig Ellie, Wreck of the African Queen
      • Two new spots for us
    • Eight divers (full boat):  Jorge C., Andrea E., Doug E., Brian F., Mike S., Jeff S., Ron S., John W.
  • Team Look Ahead
    • Reminders on upcoming Team Dive Trips
    • May 7th – Chamber Day
    • July 19th – San Diego Wreck Alley Trip
    • Aug 23rd/24th – Monterey Road Trip
    • Sep 7th – Catalina Marine Park Trip
    • Oct 9th – 12th – Horizon Three Day Trip
  • Team Surf Furs
  • Diver of the Month
    • Recount Needed!  Stay tuned for April!
  • Raffle

Again, was great seeing all of you, and hope to see you again soon!

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