The Channel Islands Scuba Dive Team

Are you certified, or are you a diver?  What’s the difference, you ask?  Well, join the Channel Islands Scuba Dive Team, and find out.

The Channel Islands Scuba Dive Team is open to all divers regardless of skill level or location.  We want to form a tight knit group of divers who are passionate, those who embrace the sport of diving, and who want to share their experiences, learn, and grow better on each dive.  Divers who are interested in maximizing what Southern California has to offer the dive community.  We live in a truly unique location, and getting the most out of it is what we intend to do.  Just think of it:

  • Wrecks
  • Oil Rigs
  • Hunting
  • Night Dives
  • Multiple Reefs and Kelp Forests
  • Volunteer Opportunities, and of course …
  • The Channel Islands themselves

… all amongst the unique ocean life we love.

We plan on two monthly dives – one boat trip and one shore dive.  As the club grows, so will the offerings (over-night / multi-day boat trips, dive travel, etc.).  And, we plan to keep our dives fresh with different opportunities – let’s dive the “Best of So Cal Beach Dives,” dive on the Grummans off the Channel Islands, get some scallops off an oil rig, or hit wrecks from Point Conception to San Diego.

Of course, we’ll have monthly meetings – to socialize, find dive buddies, share stories, and hear from experts in the area.  We plan on guest speakers, specifically those who can help our members find more dive opportunities, and improve their skills and knowledge.  And, to celebrate the beginning of “wet suit season” and “dry suit season,” we’ll plan on cookouts at a local beach.

Here’s a preview of what we’re planning:

  • Lobster Season Tune Up:  Weekend trip to Catalina in September, group night dive in the Marina Park; guest speaker on tricks to getting your lobster in the bag; and, to cap it off, a night dive (boat or beach depending on availability) once the season starts.

Looking for dive buddies, or looking for input from the team on a dive topic?  This web site will enable you to stay in touch with the community we are building, plan dives, and keep up-to-date on the latest happenings.

We’re also happy to announce that Channel Islands Scuba will be sponsoring the team.  Members will receive 10 free air fills, 10% off non-sale merchandise (some exceptions apply), a dive team t-shirt, specials on dive vacations, and members only events.

So, join us, and find out how easy and enjoyable it is to dive year round in Southern California.  Our first meeting will be at the end of July, 2010.  Sign up for our Newsletter to stay updated on timing.  We’ll have more information for you soon, and hope to sign you up for the team.


Mike Schechter – President

Larry Berlin – Secretary

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