April 2015 Team Meeting Recap

Wow!  If you weren’t at our April Team Meeting, you missed out on some serious fun!  Our guest, speaker, David Finnern of the California Wreck Divers Association was not only informative, but hilarious as well!  Learned a lot about wreck diving, and opportunities to see them, from him.  Here’s a recap for those of you who couldn’t make it out.

  • April Beach Dive – April 26th, El Matador
    • Post-meeting
  • May Look Ahead
    • Beach Dive – May 24th
      • Team votes for Nicholas Canyon
    • Boat Dive – May 30th
      • Oil Rigs
  • Team Surf Furs
    • Last opportunity to get on the list for this year
  • Oct 9 – 11 Charter of the Sand Dollar
    • 18 signed up to date
    • Don’t miss out
  • Dive of the Month – March 2015
    • 5 Divers in the Running – Deanna D., Omar D., Jim R., Jackie W., Todd W.
    • Jim wins the drawing
      • All get points towards Diver of the Year
  • Raffle
    • 1st Prize – Deanna D.
    • 2nd Prize – Jay Fischer
    • 3rd Prize – Jim Rider
  • Guest Speaker – David Finnern, California Wreck Divers Association
    • David gave a very entertaining talk on diving wrecks on the West Coast.  From diving the Winfield Scott off Anacapa, to Indian canoes in the lakes of Idaho, he covered a lot of ground. Great information on wreck diving in places that you wouldn’t think of, and the types of wrecks you don’t think of either (anybody every dive a sunken train?).  Had a great time, and he signed copies of his books after.  Great presentation!

Was great seeing those of you who could make it out.  And look forward to seeing all of you soon, hopefully while diving!

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